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September 11, 2016 Admin-ImmersePort

How To Use Pokémon Go for Business

The new Pokémon Go Augmented Reality game has managed to generate huge consumer attention, with people from all over the world going out of their way to play this game and complete the in app accomplishments. The main premise for the app is that you have the ability to explore the world with your phone as you try to catch the Pokémon in your area. This is a really fun and exciting experience and at the same time can provide some extraordinary benefits for business owners.

With the right strategies any business owner is able to acquire more customers utalising the geographical location based Pokémon Go application. Here are some tips that might be able to help you.

Host A Lure Party

Maybe the best way to use Pokémon Go is to create a lure party. Within the game you will be able to find lures that will attract Pokémon towards you. You should try and purchase a package of lure modules and for around 30 minutes you will be able to ‘lure’ plenty of Pokémon into your chosen area. This will naturally attract the attention of users of the app and, in their quest of hunting for Pokémon, will drop by. If done correctly you will increase foot traffic in the area of your business or event, giving you more exposure and ability to market your services/products. Keep in mind that not every Pokémon Go player will be your target customer.

Getting lures is inexpensive so you should try and invest in lure packages for the full effect. Most of the time you will be able to repeat the experience on a daily basis and, if your service/product is the right fit for the customers passing by, you should receive a return on your investment.

Host Gym Battle Tournaments

Post on social media that you create gym battle tournaments. If your company is close to a Pokémon gym, then you can harness this potential by creating custom tournaments. Offer potential customers the ability to battle Pokémon at your chosen location and once this is known as a Pokémon Go friendly location be prepared to have players drop by as word of mouth spreads. Be sure to market your services and products to all visitors. You may also give discounts to Pokémon Go players which will help generate even more visitors.

Host Poke Hunts

Hosting hunts for Pokémon Go can be another great way to harness the current craze. A Poke hunt is an event whereby an invitation is extended for anyone who plays Pokémon Go to join in a group of other players as they travel to popular, geographical locations to catch Pokémon. You could sponsor the ‘hunt’ with branded shirts, promotional items or even with your service or product, such as an energy drink.

Use Social Media

Offer social-media-only deals to encourage Pokémon Go players to follow you on social media. This simple trick will make it easy for you to increase your social media following very fast. Social media is a great way to promote the Poke Hunts, Lure Parties and Gym Battles mentioned above.

The bottom line here is that using Pokémon Go for business is not that hard, you just have to find the right approach. Think outside the box. ImmersePort is a Brisbane based company which provides custom developed, Augmented Reality applications similar to Pokémon Go. If you are interested in creating an Augmented Reality app for your business contact us and we would be happy to assist.

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